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Welcome to, the world's first website to offer DOWNLOADABLE CHOCOLATE!

Extensive research at one of the UK's top universities has revealed a remarkable fact: certain substances can, in theory, be converted to digital information, sent over the internet, and then converted back again. And fortunately for us, one of those substances is chocolate!

Using this website, you can connect directly to the university's experimental online machine, the Computerised Homogeneous Organic Compound Oscillatory Matter/Antimatter Transmitter (CHOCOMAT), and download chocolate straight to your refrigerator.

See the FAQ for more information.

Note:- It is necessary to download the chocolate directly into the refrigerator, because the heat produced during the digital conversion process can otherwise cause the chocolate to melt on arrival. This website uses Inverse GPS™, an experimental technique, to detect your nearest refrigerator. Please indicate your acceptance of this by ticking the box.

I grant permission for to use Inverse GPS™ to scan the locality for the nearest refrigerator.

Type of chocolate to download:
Bar size/number of chunks:
Scratch'n'sniff panel (experimental)
Use your mouse or touchscreen to test the aroma before downloading.

NB - You must ensure that there is enough space in the refrigerator for the selected chocolate bar size.
We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by chocolate overfill.

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